• Aluminum Sheet

    Aluminum sheet refers to a rectangular plate rolled and processed from aluminum ingots, which is divided into pure aluminum sheet, alloy aluminum sheet, thin aluminum sheet, medium and thick aluminum sheet, and patterned aluminum sheet.

  • Aluminum Coil

    Aluminum coil is a metal product that is subjected to flying shear after being rolled and bent by a casting and rolling mill. It is suitable for electronics, packaging, construction, machinery, etc.

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1000 Series Aluminium Alloy Sheet
11 Aug

1000 Series Aluminium Alloy Sheet

Hermione 195 Views

The 1000 series aluminium alloy sheet with a minimum 99% aluminium content who can represents the purest of all commercial aluminium alloys.

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How to Paint Diamond Plate Aluminum?
24 Aug

How to Paint Diamond Plate Aluminum?

Hermione 137 Views

Aluminum Diamond plate is most commonly seen on the backs of trucks as storage units and tool boxes. Usually it is silver, but some people do like to paint it to match the rest of the automotive decor or just to suit their taste. You can paint diamond plate aluminum, but it needs to be appropriately prepped first.

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What is the price of a 3mm thick aluminium sheet?
10 Sept

What is the price of a 3mm thick aluminium sheet?

Hermione 95 Views

Many people are searching for 3mm aluminium sheet price or 2mm aluminium sheet price online. In theory the aluminium sheet price has no relation to thickness of a sheet, for we usually give quotation at the unit of metric ton.

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